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Many parents

Many parents consider a similar way of measurement quite suitable for the average child, but the childs parents with a cerebral palsy most likely will ask: How you could estimate intelligence of my child, he after all does not even own hands, badly speaks and never similar tests carried out?.Professionalism of the psychologist also consists in it.The experts task to find out the intellectual opportunities of the child hidden behind heavy physical violations or the bad speech.

Thus I did not represent

Thus I did not represent at all and could not present that the child is in the habit to cry when wants to eat, and it can happen time five in a night, and in the morning again for work; that when gripes are also cut teeth, the child too shouts, etc.And still I did not represent that for me in life minutes when Dasha and Grisha smile to me will become happiest, to meet from work and to speak father.Generally, I did not know all this, but vaguely guessed that children have to be therefore insisted.

I received

The average revenue across America makes only about thousand a year.See a difference?A question how to tell sobst the wine daughter that she cannot study where wants because you have no money.I received letters with the notice that me admitted to colleges where I wanted to arrive.But it appeared, it did not matter because my mentally retarded parents did not save for this purpose enough money.I hate them.I all life worked as a horse to come to college in which I want; I arrived there, and now they say that I cannot study there.

You got used

Recipe of a positive.Dear future mummies!All months you are surrounded with special attention and care of relatives.You got used that with you rush as with a handwritten feed bag, you console, encourage, carry out any whim.And when you come to maternity hospital, wait for the same reverent attitude to yourself from medical staff.Do not wait!In maternity hospital with you nobody will lisp.And, perhaps, words of support, participation you will not hear at all.

It is difficult

There was no professionalism, there adults were absorbed by own household or psychological problems.Somewhere surrounded children with such care that children could not come for implementation of the internal program.It is difficult for many adult compelled to direct all the efforts and time to work to switch from the problems to nurseries.So, the kitezhsky families occupied in addition with a simple problem of a survival in the conditions of market society too are far from an ideal.

This lesson

Leaning on bright and convincing examples, emphasize two main ideas: first, we can absorb in ourselves the qualities inherent in the Wednesday surrounding us, and secondly that we could absorb in ourselves positive qualities, we need to get rid of our negative qualities.This lesson can be finished with meditation under supervision of the teacher.In the course of meditation children have to understand, what qualities they need to acquire and what to remove from the environment surrounding them.

I ran out from

Mother told me that we have big debts, and we will not be able to pay them soon therefore, most likely, we will lose the house.I was frightened, to me there was a failure, I cried and shouted.Mother tried to calm me, but she had nothing to tell.I ran out from the house.I think, it could stop me, but she knew that I need time.Next day, when I became a little quieter, we again talked.She explained that we are going to make, and now when I calmed down a little, it became easier to accept this situation.


Then the child who cannot speak clearly, will save then the time, mastering alternative or auxiliary ways of communication.Technical means Thanks to development of technical means there was an opportunity to reduce discrepancy between ability to understand and express itself.Modern computers submit to the slightest movements, even to the movements of eyes or light touches of fingers.Now computers are so compact that the set of their models can be used as means of communication.Today, thanks to these achievements, computers widely use in school classes and at home for the letter and training.

The analysis

Questions for tutors and the speech pathologist according to the analysis of the carriedout individual work in the appendix are given not incidentally.The analysis of the carriedout work helps to control adequacy of goals and to plan changes in the content of occupations.For definition of a level of development of the child on each indicator it is expedient to use diagnostics of psychological development and the scheme of supervision over behavior of children , It is the most available and simple diagnostics in use in the conditions of childrens home.

And it is very

The answer of one of teenagers made absolutely common sense.Mother told that some drugs force to feel happy, but this feeling artificial.And it is very frequent when you are not under their influence, problems do not disappear, but can become even more serious.Penelope Frankford, Delaware.Speaking about the reasons of appeal of drugs along with their destructive effect, you show that want to present us more objective picture, and allow us to feel that is not so difficult to be honest and open with you.

I very

And in usual that lives shopping for the woman the best a depression medicine, and in a pregnant state and even less so.Anything so does not lighten mood as the stylish bagatelle which is carefully created especially for future mummy.I very well remember that my first campaign behind purchases in shop for pregnant women became the real event.Lets begin with that advertizing of this shop caught sight to me absolutely incidentally: I only glanced at the last page of the free newspaper which is thrown regularly to us into a box, and there There it shop for pregnant women.

I understand

You said all the time that to Yana the rights that I incorrectly do a lot of things and I am not able much.It was offensive and I came home and I had hysterics.Then I began an emergency you to communicate normally … And I do not remember how I jumped … and misunderstandings as it is possible to communicate with this Morozov.I understand that it could not happen sharply, but I after all now I remembered one more thing.We with you had one conversation very sad and sad of a series of this fermentation on the woods.

So everything

To strengthen this analogy, take a magnifying glass and explain to the child that the Spirit increases that we appreciate and for what we thank.Power of sincere gratitude proceeding from our heart is capable to increase those blessed moments of happiness that are imprinted in the parts of iron hidden in sand.So everything of what we think increases in sizes.The offered installation I the grateful person, and I with gratitude accept all good that is in my life.The contents defines Materials One or two mumpish balloons and three or four not mumpish.

POSE position

PLANTAR BENDING the movement of foot in an ankle joint from a trunk from itself at which the sock is delayed from top to bottom.POSE position of a body in space, a relative positioning of parts of a body.Any movement begins from some pose and comes to an end in some pose.CONCEPT of SPACE perception of own body as reference points in space for the analysis of interposition of subjects: vver hu below, overunder, beforebehind.POSTURALNY STABILITY STABILITY of POSITION of the BODY the antigravitational mechanism which is necessary for the controlled, coordinated and smooth change of position of a body in space.

You mention

I know on own experience that it can appear the deadlock.One of girlfriends of your daughter is found in a coma with a needle in a hand, taken to hospital, then in the center of rehabilitation, then is written out and everything repeats again.You mention it in conversation with the child, and that in reply: Problem?In what a problem?It has no problems.Any can be mistaken time or two.Even if your child does not see a problem here, you know that it is.


If the sitting child presses hands to a body, special attention should be paid on the provision of a tabletop it has to be at the level of a breast or has to be inclined.Thinking out different tabletops, you will be able to play differently with the kid.Mothers who should control position of the lower jaw of the child during food, like to feed the kid in such chair.In it the child sits steadily, and mothers hands are rather free.Besides, the chair box rather small during meal can be put it on a table and it will be convenient to mother to feed the kid.


At the first graduates of Kitezh the main dream was to leave a community to Moscow and to earn a lot of money to reach independence and freedom.Educational conversations did not help, and punishments only convinced children, in own correctness bases of the world did not change the violence and fight remain a basis of relationship.Once one clever girl who grew up in Kitezh told me And it was not a pity for you, what children simply are afraid of you?Yes, it was offensive for me.

All stared

To make an effort too.Pain was not.And even there was no feeling that it will be broken off now.Here happiness that!When the head seemed, in the rodzal the strange silence hung.All stared at the kid.Ole it became bad that happened?I already wrote about it: at Maksik it happened double obvity, and the midwife, having quickly oriented, exempted a brittle neck from fetters.Even a moment and the boy slipped out a womb.Tears scattered the fountain from Oliny eyes.

It is necessary

Nevertheless the child it is necessary to learn to use a spastichny hand, that is to hold in it a fork, pressing on a shank a forefinger.At first it is necessary to master this isolated movement: the forefinger is straightened and presses down, and other fingers are bent.Then to put it into practice pinning a fork food.It is necessary to remember that is good to seize skill is a knife ordinary children can not earlier, than in five years.When your kid learns to eat independently, do not hope that at him everything will turn out at once, prepare to that on a table he will suit the real garbage can.

Pain became

So give, be not obstinate and hold up a hand.The dropper with oxytocin made the business: very quickly rest between fights at Olya was reduced till seconds.Pain became intolerable.What there Murakami?Not to it now!To survive!Hey, somebody!shy Olya peeped.Hopes for that someone outside chamber will hear it, was not any.But oh, a miracle!the doctor entered.That it you peep?What happened?Stick to me something or shoot, Olya moaned.

We are entangled

… Any event leaves in it the trace.We are entangled by this web up to the thinnest nerve, up to each section ….In common sense equal to it is not present.This is the great jailer of all types: Listen, to you not to escape from an aquarium and where?.Satpr Reason of cages.Captivity own consciousness?During life of people, he wants that or not, gathers a full swag of negative experience.In whom from us after forty idea of tragedy of life, inevitability of losses did not waken?

That your

If she already started them using, you have absolutely other problem: to try to force it to throw to do it.Also does not matter that you did not know about its addictions from the very beginning.That your conversations about harm of drugs became more effective, it is necessary to begin them with small children.Here what I quite often faced during communication with teenagers: the most successful conversations appeared with younger teenagers, say, at the age of years, and less successful with seniors, years in the middle age from to years of conversation also had high efficiency.

Birth of the child

Milestone events.Events boundaries.Birth of the child the first in this list.And now give for a second we will reflect: whether up to the end we understand all depth, all fatefulness of this event?Whether entirely we realize, what this great miracle the birth of new life?What your answer?My answer no.In a prompt tide of life we do not manage to experience it completely.To remember and carefully to keep all scale of the endured feelings and emotions in memory.

Further children

It will help children to remember, which threads correspond to certain subjects.It is possible to enter the keywords used during a lesson in labels also.Further children can hang up the carpets weaved by them in the bedrooms.The offered installation I spiritually grow as daily I listen to a voice of Spirit which lives in me.In touch with a source Materials Small desk lamp, it is desirable without lamp shade; electric bulbs on , and watts; the extender if it is necessary.

He waited

How many times I to you have to repeat?Svyatoslav is confused.What socks?He just won a victory quickly put on boots.He waited for a praise However, small mistakes such are not terrible if there is a basic trust, confidence of the child that the family loves it.Lodge in the child confidence in your love and be not engaged in petty guardianship!At the third stage of development of the personality in Eriksson inquisitiveness and activity is formed.At this stage Svyatoslav declared that he is a man and intends to protect girls.

To develop

: Where cow?The purpose and explanations to occupation see in occupation No.Where horse?The purpose and explanations to occupation see in occupation No.Where car?The purpose and explanations to occupation see in occupation No.Ladushka, Dai handle, Goodbye To form emotional contact with the adult at the child.To develop understanding of the elementary instructions caused by a situation.To learn to carry out the movements on imitation and the word of the adult.


Questions: What is drawn on this picture?What do people do?When it happens?What happens in the fall in the winter, in the spring, in the summer?Than pictures differ?Seasons grant , fig.To teach the child to see signs of seasonal changes in weather, plants, behavior of animals, life and work of people.Questions and tasks: To choose that corresponds to this season.What it the sun, kidneys are dismissed?In what time it happens?

Put his hands

At atetoidny or atactic forms of a cerebral palsy sometimes it is necessary to fix also the childs legs, but only first and for a while.It is necessary to accustom the child to independence in food from infancy.Put his hands on a bottle during food see fig., and, b.Let it pull hands in a mouth, tries everything during game, but do not encourage it at all to suck a thumb.When the kid grows up and you will spoonfeed him and to give to drink from a cup, from time to time straighten his palms and put them on the hands or put in them a cup.

Such games

Such games allow the child to improve the movements and to study their features: for example, depending on distance as far it is necessary to give a hand to get a toy.But not only it.The kid receives idea of the body, of the situation in space and of the subjects surrounding it in relation to him.The child with a cerebral palsy We paid much attention to the correct provisions of a body at game, but, please, do not consider that the child is obliged to act with hands only in a stable pose.

In a case

In certain cases this Wednesday is narrowed to the minimum limits.Even the one and only, strong parent can appear this most educational environment.In a case with Kitezhy the complete model of the World founded on the beginnings of good and justice is offered to the child.But both the pack of wolves, and the computer can appear such environment.Then we speak about pathology, about deformation of a way of development.HISTORY OF LIFE OF PETYA AND MISCHA or why my ideal plans did not come true Candles burn.

Careful architects

Well, all then, we will go to an enema, then to wash, collect things and forward in prenatal.The maternity hospital where Olya gave birth, settles down in the building of old construction.Careful architects did not provide separate boxes for women in labor there.It is necessary to endure fights in prenatal chamber, and attempts in the tiny rodzal in the neighbourhood.Ole was inexpressibly lucky in that morning daily watch of her doctor just came to an end.So it was not necessary to disturb in such unearthly hour of dear doctor, fortunately.

It manages

The child so far only claps a palm in a subject, gets it and rastopyrivat fingers to take.It manages to take a subject, for example a cube with sides of , cm in size, but thus it uses socalled palmar capture, that is not fingers, and all brush.The movements of a brush become much more accurate.The kid holds and shifts from a hand in a hand two small cubes with sides on , cm but if one of them falls, he will not notice.He takes a big subject two hands, looks at it and at once pulls in a mouth.

The father

So so so!Let think, and, maybe, and to us Eureka!We too need to buy a site near Moscow, to build the warm brick house and to live in it all the year round!It is quite real, Diminy parents managed!This grandiose idea came to my lucid mind where you would think?In Gagra!And I came back home, full of determination to persuade parents to be got involved in such interesting, and, above all perspective adventure.The father agreed at once.It in general at us the companion light on the feet and susceptible to all new, let and risky.

No for it either

And if you tell no, your daughter will immediately be disconnected from conversation because to encash her motive from you, but not to listen to the speech.No for it either the end of conversation, or the beginning of negotiations, but at this moment it interests only one: I will receive money or not?I always ask from mother when I go to take a walk money with friends.I do not earn additionally therefore if it does not give me them, I will be able to be engaged in nothing.

To stimulate

To develop ability to work with fingertips.To stimulate active imitation actions of the adult, ability to transfer familiar ways of action to a new situation.We play with plugs with a vertical core and plugs for threading To learn to carry out actions with the subjects having a through opening: to feel possibility of threading.To develop a small motility of fingers: to take the plug tips of big, index and average fingers; to string the plugs having a roundish, cylindrical, cubic form on a vertical core.

For example, can seem

If all your attempts to teach the kid to go to a toilet come to an end with a failure, do not lose courage.Except physical difficulties, there can be also other reasons here.For example, can seem to the kid that after the birth of the younger brother or the sister he receives not enough attention, or he sees that you are engaged in it when change to it a diaper than when he independently sits on a pot more.Clothes Diapers and waterproof trousers Choose diapers, convenient for the child, which are strong clasped, well absorb liquid, with additional protection against course.

Pluses it is available

How to understand as far as it is professional and whether it is possible to deal with it?I will prompt interesting but, unfortunately, not free option: instead of female consultation during pregnancy it is possible to be observed at once in the chosen maternity hospital.Pluses it is available and get used to roddomovsky walls, and receive the prenatal record, and will give birth at that doctor who all this time conducted you and with which you already almost became related.He she knows all your sores and weak places, studied you up and down and who as not he she will be able to provide you the best childbirth.

Girls saw a puppy. Puppy

I am necessary

The father is occupied all the time, on me he has no time.I am necessary to nobody.I bad.The sore problem demands an exit.Uses a situation for the solution of this problem.Did not go for the game Understand Me.The saw tea with Lena, stirred, laughed.In a bed again spoke: I am the bad girl, I am the opposite girl!Voice equal, quiet.day.Woke up more long, than usually.Told that halfnights did not sleep because the bad dream dreamed: I was killed all the time.


Now, I hope, you will be respectful to difficult and accurately organized system which allows us, without reflecting, it is correct to plan, is coordinate and smoothly to carry out the extremely difficult motive tasks.The child with a cerebral palsy At the child with a cerebral palsy defeat of the developing nervous system affects various parts of the centers described by us and the carryingout ways.Manifestations of damages depend on many factors.Here some of them: damage emergence time before childbirth, at the time of delivery or right after them; damage area size; the damage reason a gemorragiya hemorrhage or a hypoxia a lack of oxygen; localization of damage to a brain what structures are damaged.

Thus he not simply

Let the child lead round the cutout pictures a pencil, and copies them later or draws independently.Thus he not simply learns names of subjects, but also will find out their appointment, will understand why they have such form, will get acquainted with color, will see that you can do with these subjects.When the kid learns to distinguish forms, devote each occupation to development of one of them.In cardboard boxes do openings of different forms.In one box round, in another square etc.


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