The father

The father So so so!

Let think, and, maybe, and to us Eureka!

We too need to buy a site near Moscow, to build the warm brick house and to live in it all the year round!

It is quite real, Diminy parents managed!

This grandiose idea came to my lucid mind where you would think?

In Gagra!

And I came back home, full of determination to persuade parents to be got involved in such interesting, and, above all perspective adventure.

The father agreed at once.

It in general at us the companion light on the feet and susceptible to all new, let and risky.

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No for it either

No for it either And if you tell no, your daughter will immediately be disconnected from conversation because to encash her motive from you, but not to listen to the speech.

No for it either the end of conversation, or the beginning of negotiations, but at this moment it interests only one: I will receive money or not?

I always ask from mother when I go to take a walk money with friends.

I do not earn additionally therefore if it does not give me them, I will be able to be engaged in nothing.

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