Pluses it is available

Pluses it is available How to understand as far as it is professional and whether it is possible to deal with it?

I will prompt interesting but, unfortunately, not free option: instead of female consultation during pregnancy it is possible to be observed at once in the chosen maternity hospital.

Pluses it is available and get used to roddomovsky walls, and receive the prenatal record, and will give birth at that doctor who all this time conducted you and with which you already almost became related.

He she knows all your sores and weak places, studied you up and down and who as not he she will be able to provide you the best childbirth.

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Girls saw a puppy. Puppy

Girls saw a puppy. Puppy Examining of each picture of a series separately.

Allocation in it the main thought.

A choice of the offer, most suitable to this picture, from offered by the logopedist and exposure drawing on a board of the corresponding pictogram schematical drawing.

Picture No.

: The puppy walks.

Puppy and cat.

The puppy remained in the yard in the rain Children and a dog.

, Etc.

Picture M : Girls and rain.

Girls saw a puppy.

Puppy in the rain.

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I am necessary

I am necessary The father is occupied all the time, on me he has no time.

I am necessary to nobody.

I bad.

The sore problem demands an exit.

Uses a situation for the solution of this problem.

Did not go for the game Understand Me.

The saw tea with Lena, stirred, laughed.

In a bed again spoke: I am the bad girl, I am the opposite girl!

Voice equal, quiet.


Woke up more long, than usually.

Told that halfnights did not sleep because the bad dream dreamed: I was killed all the time.

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Manifestations Now, I hope, you will be respectful to difficult and accurately organized system which allows us, without reflecting, it is correct to plan, is coordinate and smoothly to carry out the extremely difficult motive tasks.

The child with a cerebral palsy At the child with a cerebral palsy defeat of the developing nervous system affects various parts of the centers described by us and the carryingout ways.

Manifestations of damages depend on many factors.

Here some of them: damage emergence time before childbirth, at the time of delivery or right after them; damage area size; the damage reason a gemorragiya hemorrhage or a hypoxia a lack of oxygen; localization of damage to a brain what structures are damaged.

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Thus he not simply

Thus he not simply Let the child lead round the cutout pictures a pencil, and copies them later or draws independently.

Thus he not simply learns names of subjects, but also will find out their appointment, will understand why they have such form, will get acquainted with color, will see that you can do with these subjects.

When the kid learns to distinguish forms, devote each occupation to development of one of them.

In cardboard boxes do openings of different forms.

In one box round, in another square etc.

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