To develop

To develop : Where cow?

The purpose and explanations to occupation see in occupation No.

Where horse?

The purpose and explanations to occupation see in occupation No.

Where car?

The purpose and explanations to occupation see in occupation No.

Ladushka, Dai handle, Goodbye To form emotional contact with the adult at the child.

To develop understanding of the elementary instructions caused by a situation.

To learn to carry out the movements on imitation and the word of the adult.

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Questions Questions: What is drawn on this picture?

What do people do?

When it happens?

What happens in the fall in the winter, in the spring, in the summer?

Than pictures differ?

Seasons grant , fig.

To teach the child to see signs of seasonal changes in weather, plants, behavior of animals, life and work of people.

Questions and tasks: To choose that corresponds to this season.

What it the sun, kidneys are dismissed?

In what time it happens?

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Put his hands

Put his hands At atetoidny or atactic forms of a cerebral palsy sometimes it is necessary to fix also the childs legs, but only first and for a while.

It is necessary to accustom the child to independence in food from infancy.

Put his hands on a bottle during food see fig.

, and, b.

Let it pull hands in a mouth, tries everything during game, but do not encourage it at all to suck a thumb.

When the kid grows up and you will spoonfeed him and to give to drink from a cup, from time to time straighten his palms and put them on the hands or put in them a cup.

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Such games

Such games Such games allow the child to improve the movements and to study their features: for example, depending on distance as far it is necessary to give a hand to get a toy.

But not only it.

The kid receives idea of the body, of the situation in space and of the subjects surrounding it in relation to him.

The child with a cerebral palsy We paid much attention to the correct provisions of a body at game, but, please, do not consider that the child is obliged to act with hands only in a stable pose.

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In a case

In a case In certain cases this Wednesday is narrowed to the minimum limits.

Even the one and only, strong parent can appear this most educational environment.

In a case with Kitezhy the complete model of the World founded on the beginnings of good and justice is offered to the child.

But both the pack of wolves, and the computer can appear such environment.

Then we speak about pathology, about deformation of a way of development.

HISTORY OF LIFE OF PETYA AND MISCHA or why my ideal plans did not come true Candles burn.

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