We are entangled

We are entangled … Any event leaves in it the trace.

We are entangled by this web up to the thinnest nerve, up to each section ….

In common sense equal to it is not present.

This is the great jailer of all types: Listen, to you not to escape from an aquarium and where?


Satpr Reason of cages.

Captivity own consciousness?

During life of people, he wants that or not, gathers a full swag of negative experience.

In whom from us after forty idea of tragedy of life, inevitability of losses did not waken?

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That your

That your If she already started them using, you have absolutely other problem: to try to force it to throw to do it.

Also does not matter that you did not know about its addictions from the very beginning.

That your conversations about harm of drugs became more effective, it is necessary to begin them with small children.

Here what I quite often faced during communication with teenagers: the most successful conversations appeared with younger teenagers, say, at the age of years, and less successful with seniors, years in the middle age from to years of conversation also had high efficiency.

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Birth of the child

Birth of the child Milestone events.

Events boundaries.

Birth of the child the first in this list.

And now give for a second we will reflect: whether up to the end we understand all depth, all fatefulness of this event?

Whether entirely we realize, what this great miracle the birth of new life?

What your answer?

My answer no.

In a prompt tide of life we do not manage to experience it completely.

To remember and carefully to keep all scale of the endured feelings and emotions in memory.

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Further children

Further children It will help children to remember, which threads correspond to certain subjects.

It is possible to enter the keywords used during a lesson in labels also.

Further children can hang up the carpets weaved by them in the bedrooms.

The offered installation I spiritually grow as daily I listen to a voice of Spirit which lives in me.

In touch with a source Materials Small desk lamp, it is desirable without lamp shade; electric bulbs on , and watts; the extender if it is necessary.

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He waited

He waited How many times I to you have to repeat?

Svyatoslav is confused.

What socks?

He just won a victory quickly put on boots.

He waited for a praise However, small mistakes such are not terrible if there is a basic trust, confidence of the child that the family loves it.

Lodge in the child confidence in your love and be not engaged in petty guardianship!

At the third stage of development of the personality in Eriksson inquisitiveness and activity is formed.

At this stage Svyatoslav declared that he is a man and intends to protect girls.

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