Thinking If the sitting child presses hands to a body, special attention should be paid on the provision of a tabletop it has to be at the level of a breast or has to be inclined.

Thinking out different tabletops, you will be able to play differently with the kid.

Mothers who should control position of the lower jaw of the child during food, like to feed the kid in such chair.

In it the child sits steadily, and mothers hands are rather free.

Besides, the chair box rather small during meal can be put it on a table and it will be convenient to mother to feed the kid.

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Educational At the first graduates of Kitezh the main dream was to leave a community to Moscow and to earn a lot of money to reach independence and freedom.

Educational conversations did not help, and punishments only convinced children, in own correctness bases of the world did not change the violence and fight remain a basis of relationship.

Once one clever girl who grew up in Kitezh told me And it was not a pity for you, what children simply are afraid of you?

Yes, it was offensive for me.

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All stared

All stared To make an effort too.

Pain was not.

And even there was no feeling that it will be broken off now.

Here happiness that!

When the head seemed, in the rodzal the strange silence hung.

All stared at the kid.

Ole it became bad that happened?

I already wrote about it: at Maksik it happened double obvity, and the midwife, having quickly oriented, exempted a brittle neck from fetters.

Even a moment and the boy slipped out a womb.

Tears scattered the fountain from Oliny eyes.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Nevertheless the child it is necessary to learn to use a spastichny hand, that is to hold in it a fork, pressing on a shank a forefinger.

At first it is necessary to master this isolated movement: the forefinger is straightened and presses down, and other fingers are bent.

Then to put it into practice pinning a fork food.

It is necessary to remember that is good to seize skill is a knife ordinary children can not earlier, than in five years.

When your kid learns to eat independently, do not hope that at him everything will turn out at once, prepare to that on a table he will suit the real garbage can.

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Pain became

Pain became So give, be not obstinate and hold up a hand.

The dropper with oxytocin made the business: very quickly rest between fights at Olya was reduced till seconds.

Pain became intolerable.

What there Murakami?

Not to it now!

To survive!

Hey, somebody!

shy Olya peeped.

Hopes for that someone outside chamber will hear it, was not any.

But oh, a miracle!

the doctor entered.

That it you peep?

What happened?

Stick to me something or shoot, Olya moaned.

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