This lesson

This lesson Leaning on bright and convincing examples, emphasize two main ideas: first, we can absorb in ourselves the qualities inherent in the Wednesday surrounding us, and secondly that we could absorb in ourselves positive qualities, we need to get rid of our negative qualities.

This lesson can be finished with meditation under supervision of the teacher.

In the course of meditation children have to understand, what qualities they need to acquire and what to remove from the environment surrounding them.

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I ran out from

I ran out from Mother told me that we have big debts, and we will not be able to pay them soon therefore, most likely, we will lose the house.

I was frightened, to me there was a failure, I cried and shouted.

Mother tried to calm me, but she had nothing to tell.

I ran out from the house.

I think, it could stop me, but she knew that I need time.

Next day, when I became a little quieter, we again talked.

She explained that we are going to make, and now when I calmed down a little, it became easier to accept this situation.

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Technical Then the child who cannot speak clearly, will save then the time, mastering alternative or auxiliary ways of communication.

Technical means Thanks to development of technical means there was an opportunity to reduce discrepancy between ability to understand and express itself.

Modern computers submit to the slightest movements, even to the movements of eyes or light touches of fingers.

Now computers are so compact that the set of their models can be used as means of communication.

Today, thanks to these achievements, computers widely use in school classes and at home for the letter and training.

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The analysis

The analysis Questions for tutors and the speech pathologist according to the analysis of the carriedout individual work in the appendix are given not incidentally.

The analysis of the carriedout work helps to control adequacy of goals and to plan changes in the content of occupations.

For definition of a level of development of the child on each indicator it is expedient to use diagnostics of psychological development and the scheme of supervision over behavior of children , It is the most available and simple diagnostics in use in the conditions of childrens home.

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And it is very

And it is very The answer of one of teenagers made absolutely common sense.

Mother told that some drugs force to feel happy, but this feeling artificial.

And it is very frequent when you are not under their influence, problems do not disappear, but can become even more serious.

Penelope Frankford, Delaware.

Speaking about the reasons of appeal of drugs along with their destructive effect, you show that want to present us more objective picture, and allow us to feel that is not so difficult to be honest and open with you.

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