Many parents

Many parents Many parents consider a similar way of measurement quite suitable for the average child, but the childs parents with a cerebral palsy most likely will ask: How you could estimate intelligence of my child, he after all does not even own hands, badly speaks and never similar tests carried out?


Professionalism of the psychologist also consists in it.

The experts task to find out the intellectual opportunities of the child hidden behind heavy physical violations or the bad speech.

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Thus I did not represent

Thus I did not represent Thus I did not represent at all and could not present that the child is in the habit to cry when wants to eat, and it can happen time five in a night, and in the morning again for work; that when gripes are also cut teeth, the child too shouts, etc.

And still I did not represent that for me in life minutes when Dasha and Grisha smile to me will become happiest, to meet from work and to speak father.

Generally, I did not know all this, but vaguely guessed that children have to be therefore insisted.

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I received

I received The average revenue across America makes only about thousand a year.

See a difference?

A question how to tell sobst the wine daughter that she cannot study where wants because you have no money.

I received letters with the notice that me admitted to colleges where I wanted to arrive.

But it appeared, it did not matter because my mentally retarded parents did not save for this purpose enough money.

I hate them.

I all life worked as a horse to come to college in which I want; I arrived there, and now they say that I cannot study there.

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You got used

You got used Recipe of a positive.

Dear future mummies!

All months you are surrounded with special attention and care of relatives.

You got used that with you rush as with a handwritten feed bag, you console, encourage, carry out any whim.

And when you come to maternity hospital, wait for the same reverent attitude to yourself from medical staff.

Do not wait!

In maternity hospital with you nobody will lisp.

And, perhaps, words of support, participation you will not hear at all.

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It is difficult

It is difficult There was no professionalism, there adults were absorbed by own household or psychological problems.

Somewhere surrounded children with such care that children could not come for implementation of the internal program.

It is difficult for many adult compelled to direct all the efforts and time to work to switch from the problems to nurseries.

So, the kitezhsky families occupied in addition with a simple problem of a survival in the conditions of market society too are far from an ideal.

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